“Facts about Garlic and Blood pressure reduction”

Facts about Garlic and Blood pressure reduction”

★ Garlic is used to lower blood pressure by common people all over the world including Bangladesh.

★ Despite these research findings, it remains to be seen whether this reduction is sufficient to lead reduction in CV events.

★ Study is also limited to look at any adverse effects of taking garlic preparations. As garlic is not subject to regulations as drugs, different garlic preparations may contain differing concentrations of active components and their effectiveness varies.

★ Study also did not look at effects of consuming garlic as part of diet as effect of cooked garlic may not be same as heating may reduce its effectiveness.

★ So compared with reduced sodium intake and physical activity, there is insufficient evidence to support the use of garlic in reducing CV mortality due to Hypertension.

★ In my practice when patients ask, I answer Garlic will not do any harm and may do some good but do not discontinue antihypertensive medications and please ask your partner whether he/ she likes you to be on Garlic!

Dr. M Saifuddin
MBBS (DMC, K-56)
FCPS (Med), MD (Endo), FRCP (Ireland)
Assistant professor (Endocrinology)
Dhaka Medical College &
Author, FAQs in Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism

Platform academic / Ariful Islam Neloy

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