Item এর টেবিলে ‘Drug dependences and abuse’

‘ছেলেমেয়ে গুলো পড়াশুনায় অনেক ফাঁকিবাজি করছে, না এদের আর প্রশ্রয় দেওয়া যাবে না’ – কথাগুলো ভাবতে ভাবতে ক্লাসে ঢুকলেন মতিন সাহেব।

‘আজকের item আমি নিবো পিছন থেকে, Last roll থেকে Randomly দুইজন করে আসতে থাকো’- বলে Item শুরু করলেন মতিন স্যার।

জুই ও জবা : আসসালামু আলাইকুম স্যার।

স্যার : ওয়ালাইকুম আসসালাম।
Take your seat.

জুই ও জবা : Thank you sir..

স্যার : আজকে আমাদের Item এর Topic কি ছিলো?

জুই ও জবা : স্যার, Drug dependences and abuse.

স্যার : ছোট Item.. আচ্ছা জুই Define drug?

জুই :
A drug is any substance or product that is used or intended to be used to modify or explore physiological systems or pathological states for the benefit of the recipient. (WHO definition)

স্যার : জবা তুমি আমাকে Example সহ Drug abuse টা বলো।

জবা :
Improper use of a therapeutic or non-therapeutic drug, which may or may not be harmful, even in absence of addiction constitutes drug abuse..
Example :-
1⃣ Opiates: Heroine,morphine.
2⃣ Stimulants: Cocaine,amphetamine.
3⃣ Hallucinogens: LSD,marijuana.
4⃣ Depressants: Barbiturate,paraldehyde.
5⃣ Miscellaneous: Propoxyphene.

স্যার : Very good.. জুই তুমি Drug dependence টা বলো।

জুই :
It is the state of periodic or chronic intoxication which is harmful to the person, to the society produced by the repeated consumption of drug..
Drug dependence include:-

  1. Drug Addiction.
  2. Drug Habituation.

স্যার : Excellent. জবা বলো তো Drug addiction & Drug Habituation কি?

জবা :
=> Drug addiction:
Addiction is usually taken to mean a state of physiological and psychological dependence produced by repeated consumption of drug.

=> Drug Habituation:
Drug habituation is a condition resulting from the repeated consumption of a drug,in which there is psychological / emotional dependency on the drug.

স্যার : জুই Tell me the difference between ‘drug addiction and drug habituation’.

জুই :

Drug addiction:-

  1. Compulsion present.
  2. Tendency to increase the dose.
  3. Psychological and physical dependency develop.
  4. Harm to individual and society.

Drug habituation:-

  1. Desire but no compulsion.
  2. No tendency to increase the dose.
  3. Some degree of psychological dependency develop.
  4. Harm to the individual.

স্যার : Nice. আজকে তোমরা দুজনেই ভালো পড়ে আসছো। জবা তুমি Withdrawal syndrome সম্পর্কে কিছু বলতে পারবা?

জবা :
Yes sir.. If the drug is abruptly withdrawn,a withdrawal syndrome will occur in a physically dependent person.. The withdrawal symptoms are usually opposite to the effects of the drugs itself..

🔵That may be begin within 6-8 hours following stoppage of drug or they may be delayed 24-48 hours, depending upon the drug used..


  • Restlessness.
  • A feeling of anxiety.
  • Vague pain in abdomen and in limbs.
  • Increased libido.

স্যার : জবা তুমি এখন আমাকে Body packer and Body stuffer নিয়ে বলো।

জবা :
Body stuffer:
Illegal drugs ( cocaine, herione etc) are compressed into cylinders of about 25*12 mm size, heat sealed in plastic film and wrapped again in multiple layers and swallowed.
Drug such as loperamide may be taken to reduce gut motility.
This is done for the purpose of smuggling and is termed as body packing.

Body stuffer:
For the purpose of smuggling or illicit drugs small packets are made of those drugs. These packets may be inserted into the vagina or rectum and the individual in that case are called body stuffer.
🔴Most packets are seen on X-ray and all are seen with CT scanning or barium contrast studies..

স্যার : Very good.. যাও দুজনকেই ভালো marks দিলাম।

জুই ও জবা : Thank you sir.

Dr.K.S.Narayan Reddy & Dr.O.P.Murty, The essential of forensic medicine and toxicology, 33rd edition.

Platform Academic Division/ Kaniz Fatema
Eastern Medical College.
Session: 2017-18

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