Explain Why/How || Brain & Eyeball || Anatomy

(Brain and Eyeball)

Explain anatomically/ histologically / Embryologically why or how :

  1. Arachnoid matter have different modifications?
  2. myelination occurs PNS?
    Or, myelination occurs in nerve fibers?
  3. cerebellum is connected with other parts of brain ?
  4. corpus callosum connects two cerebral hemisphere?
  5. Anancephaly develops or Failure of closure of anterior neuropore causes anencephaly?
  6. Inner layer of cranial dura (meningeal dura) divides into different folds?
  7. portal circulation is necessary for function of pituitary gland?
  8. Spinal cord is kept in position in vertebral canal ?
  9. Internal capsule is an example of projection fibers?
  10. CSF drains into venous sinuses?
  11. Functional importance of CSF?
  12. pyramidal tract is an example of projection fiber?
  13. Death occurd in hanging?
  14. why spinal cord does not extend throughout the whole length of vertebral canal in adult?
  15. Cervical curvature of vertebral column is called secondary curvature?
  16. Spinal cord posseses cranial and lumbo – sacral enlargement?
  17. Optic chaisma is formed?
  18. Effect of leasion in optic chiasma?
  19. Avascular cornea gets its nutrition?
  20. Brain tumors are maximally neuroglial in origin?
  21. Injury to nerve cell of CNS does not undergo regeneration OR regeneration is possible peripheral nerve?
  22. How sympathetic part of autonomic nervous system prepares body for an emergency?
  23. Lumber puncture is done at L3-4 level?
  24. In children lumbar puncture is performed at a lower level than adult?
  25. Corpus callosum connects two cerebral hemispheres?
  26. Genu is the most important part of internal capsule?
  27. Cauda equina forms?
  28. development of spina bifida?
  29. Blood brain barriers is absenr in posterior pituitary gland?
  30. Venous thrombosis of dural sinuses causes hydrocephalus?
  31. Babinski sign is positive in childhood OR, Babinsky sign is normal in 1st year of age?

Collected By –
Gowri chanda
Greenlife medical college
Session: 2018-19

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