Let’s know about the cirrhosis of liver

Topics : Cirrhosis of liver
চলুন ঝটপট কিছু শিখে নেয়া যাক ৷
So lets find out the causes of cirrhosis first.


  1. Excess alcohol intake
  2. Non alcoholic steatohepatitis
  3. Chronic viral hepatitis (Mainly HBV, HCV)
  4. Autoimmune hepatitis
  5. Biliary hepatitis
  6. Genetic disorder

Liver cirrhosis liver এর normal architecture এর বারোটা বাজায়। Liver এর diffuse fibrosis হয়। আর এই fibrosis টা কিন্তু liver এর নিজের একটা cell দিয়ে, সেটা হল STELLATE CELL।
এই cirrhosis বড়ই খারাপ জিনিস।

চলুন দেখি আমাদের body তে কি কি হতে পারে :

PORTAL HYPERTENSION : As portal vein can’t drain blood to liver, increase pressure in portal vein. It will cause
➡ Hematemesis due to esophageal varices
➡ Melena due to gastric varices
➡ Caput medusae

NEUROLOGIC : Liver can’t metabolize toxic ammonia, it will cross blood brain barrier and destroy astrocytes, asterixis (flapping tremor).

REPRODUCTIVE : Normally estrogen is metabolized in liver. but in cirrhosis estrogen can’t be metabolized, increase estrogen level, increase estrogen causes excess synthesis of steroid binding globulin which binds testosterone, decrease free testosterone which causes testicular atrophy and gynecomastia.

SPIDER ANGIOMAS AND PALMAR ERYTHEMA : Increase estrogen causes microvascular dilatation which increases blood flow.

HEMATOLOGIC : In cirrhosis splenomegaly occurs which causes increase storage of platelets, circulating platelets decrease which causes thrombocytopenia, decrease synthesis of clotting factors by liver which causes coagulation disorders.

TREATMENT : According to cause :

  1. Antiviral drugs if due to chronic viral hepatitis.
  2. Avoiding alcohol
  3. Dietary modifications
  4. If cirrhosis progresses and liver is severely damaged, a liver transplant may be the only treatment option.

Complications : Cirrhosis can lead to hepatocellular carcinoma.

Miratul Tayeba Brinta
Rangpur Medical College
Session 2016-2017

Platform academic division / Afruja Akter Anni

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